Finding your space

You can’t have an event or a meeting without space, so the first thing that needs to be considered when planning a meeting or event is your preferred space followed by your preferred date and time.

If your event requires a specific space like the Baird Dining Hall or Col Tuckers Bar, then you may need to be flexible on your date. Large events and special performances almost always need to be held in the dining hall, so it is best to find out when it is available before you go further with your planning.

If your event requires a specific date and time, then you may have to be flexible with your preferred venue. If you have a special guest speaker coming to town and she can only present on Thursday at 11am, you will likely need to be very flexible with your classroom expectations, since this is prime time for the academic schedule.

The UNB Saint John campus has a space that's right for your event and we're happy to help you find it. Larger spaces can book up well in advance so contact Carla Lavigne as soon as possible. If the space you wanted is not be available she'll work with you to find another that meets your needs.

In order to book a space, Conference Services needs the date, start and end times, number of participants, name or purpose of the event and a primary contact person.