Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be "UNB Retired Employees Association".

Article 2 - Objectives

The association objectives shall be:

a) To assist members in the areas of health benefits and related concerns.
b) To provide a collective voice in areas of concern to members.
c) To maintain a liaison with the University of New Brunswick.
d) To provide members with an avenue for social contacts.

Article 3 - Membership

University of New Brunswick retirees from all campuses may become members of the UNBREA as follows:
a) Full time employees - All former UNB employees, who have retired from regular employment and their spouses are eligible for full membership.
b) Part time employees - Any part-time or contract employee, i.e. staff, faculty, and librarian, who has had a minimum total/cumulative five year working relationship with UNB, is age 55 or over, no longer works at UNB is eligible for membership in UNBREA.

Article 4 - Executive Officers

The executive officers of the association shall include the following positions:

Vice President
Past President

Article 5 - Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will include the Executive Officers and all committee chairs.

Article 6 - Meetings

There shall be an annual meeting and such other meetings of the general membership as deemed appropriate.



Article 1.0 - Executive Officers

Section 1.1

An executive officer may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in the same position. After an absence of one year, a member may return to a position that was previously held for two consecutive terms.

In exceptional circumstances, an Annual General Meeting may authorize an executive member to serve in the same position for a third consecutive year.

Section 1.2

The president and vice president should not both be selected from those who anticipate being absent from N.B. for an extended period of time (two months or longer) during their term of office.

Section 1.3

The term of office for executive officers will be two years.

Section 1.4

The executive officers will fill any vacancy that occurs between annual meetings by appointment. Such appointments will be for the balance of an unexpired term and will not count towards the consecutive terms referred to in Sec. 1.1

Article 2.0 - Committees

Section 2.1 Standing Committees

Standing committees of the association will be:


Section 2.2 Other Committees

The president may appoint such other committees as deemed appropriate.

Article 3.0 - Elections

Section 3.1 Executive officers

Elections for executive positions will be held during the association's annual meeting.

Section 3.2 Nominations

A slate of candidates, who have given their consent in advance will be presented at the annual meeting. Additional nominations for each position may be made from the floor. Candidates nominated at the meeting must be present.

Article 4.0 - Voting

Section 4.1 Methods

All voting will be by show of hands.

Section 4.2

All voting will be decided by simple majority.

Article 5.0 - Meetings

Section 5.1

An annual meeting will be held each year during the month of May.

Section 5.2

Members must be informed at least one week in advance of all meetings of the general membership.

Article 6.0 - Dues

Annual dues shall be approved by the membership at a general meeting.

Article 7.0 - Amendments

The association's constitution and bylaws may be amended at any meeting of the membership. Members must be informed of a proposed amendment with the notice of meeting. (Bylaw 5.2) A printed copy of the amendment must be provided to members at the general meeting.

Amended May, 2017