Road Safety

Road Safety Audit Guidelines

A set of guidelines for the construction of road safety audits within a Canadian context is provided. The document contains a description of existing practices, audit process, economies, legal issues, case studies, and a comprehensive series of checklists which reflect Canadian practices. The project was undertaken as a result of funding provided by the Maritime Road Development Corporation and the National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program.

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Collision Investigation Team

The Collision Investigation Team is one of a national network of university-based collision and defect investigation teams operating in Canada since 1970. Sponsored by the Road Safety Directorate of Transport Canada and located in major regional centres across the country, the geographically dispersed teams provide a mechanism for the Directorate to monitor vehicle safety issues across the country. The team's mandate is to study all aspects of motor vehicle collisions (human, vehicular, and environmental) and safety related defects including public complaints of alleged defects.

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