Thesis and Reports

Graduate Theses Projects Dating 2010 to Present:






2012 MEng Potential Improvements to the School Bus Driver's Safety Training Program: Preliminary Investigations to Evaluate the Bus Driver's Safety Performance Raeda Ali Al-Daini JC
2012 MEng Correlation Analysis of Truck Traffic from WIM and AVC Stations in the Province of Saskatchewan Hayder Alaraza MZ
2012 MEng Comparison Between Traditional Four-Step & Activity-Based Travel Demand Modeling - A Case Study of Tampa, Florida Rong Shan MZ/DD
2011 MScE A Bayesian Approach for Improving Group Assignment and AADT Estimation Accuracy of Short-Term Traffic Counts Ehsan Ghambari MZ/JSC
2011 MScE Design and Evaluation of Transverse and Peripheral Pavement Markings in the City of Fredericton Javier Zamora EDH
2011 MScE Evaluation of Energy-Absorbing Guide Rail Terminals in New Brunswick Ryan Esligar EDH
2010 PhD Ports of Refuge Philip John JSC


List of Graduate Theses Projects Dating 1969 to 2009:

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