Safety Report Database








S3 Hours of Service Regulations For The Trucking Industry A Review of The Issues Safety -- Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S4 Long Combination Vehicles in Quebec and Ontario Safety -- Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S5 Safety Records of Trucks Used For Long Haul Heavy Goods Movement Safety -- Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S6 Truck Safety And Financial Distress: A preliminary Analysis Safety -- Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S7 An Inventory of Factors Suggested as Contributing to Traffic Accidents Safety -- Black tape on the side Light Gree
S8 The Nation's Only Independent Traffic Safety Publication Safety 30-May-92 Four papers stapled at the left corner White
S9 Accessible Transportation Services for Persons with Disabilities Safety May, 1992 Two staples, National Transportation Agency of Canada series White
S10 Different Speed Limits For Cars and Trucks: Do The Affect Vehicle Speeds? Safety -- Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S11 Transportation for People with Disabilities: A Policy Review and Analysis Safety March, 1991 Rectangle cut out for title, White binding coil Green
S12 Handbook of accidents to Canadian registered aircraft worldwide 1976-1991 System Safety Aviation Safety May, 1992 White binding coil Grey
S13 New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Statistics Safety 1989 Picture of cars at night with their lights on Yellow
S14 Transportation Communities An Inventory of Highway Microelectronic Application R&D Programs For Council on Highway Transportation R&D Safety January, 1989 Attached with a clip at the left corner White
S15 Heavy Truck Properties And Highway Design Criteria Safety June, 1988 Stapled at the middle of the top part of the page White
S16 Safety Experience of Large Trucks An Analysis of Sample Size Requirements Safety May, 1988 Stapled at the left corner, Thin White
S17 Road Safety Annual Report Safety June, 1987 Transport Canada series, Pictures of cars on the front and back cover Grey
S18 The Constant Challenge: Safety in Dangerous Goods Movement Safety 1985 Westac magazine, Thin White
S19 Pavement Strain & Deflection Under Truck Axle Loadings - Research Program Description Safety January, 1985 Black coil, Rectangle cut out for title White
S20 A Survey of The Characteristics of Equipment in The Canadian Trucking Fleet Safety November, 1984 White coil, Rectangle cut out for title White
S21 A Canadian Dynamic Controlled-Climate Test Facility Feasibility Study - Summary Report Safety February, 1983 Black binding coil Faded  bl
S22 Council of Ministers Responsible For Transportation And Highway Safety Safety 12-Feb-88 Papers put in an envelope Yellow
S23 Dynamic Design for Safety "Seminar Notes" Safety June, 1974 A long metal holding papers together, Very thick Blue
S24 Collision Deformation Classification Sae J224a Safety 1973 Three staples, Three holes, Very thin White
S25 The Estimation of Accident Impact Speed Safety 1972 Three staples, UNB crest on the cover page White
S26 Traffic Safety Facts 1994 Safety 1994 Two papers White
S27 Summary Report Investigation of National Highway System Roadways in the HSIS States Safety -- Two hard papers White & R
S28 Summary Report Effects of a Towaway Reporting Threshold on Crash Analysis Results Safety -- Three hard papers White & R
S29 Summary Report The Effects of Airbags on Severity Indices for Roadside Objects Safety -- Two hard papers White & R