Pavement Engineering


The D.C. Campbell Chair in Highway Construction and Pavement Research was formed more than a decade ago to address the challenges of making the UNB engineering program more responsive to the problems facing the highway construction and pavement research industry.  The primary mission of the Chair is to develop and sustain a long-term link between the highway construction industry and the academia. The Chair actively seeks to forge closer links and collaboration with research community and Canadian pavement industry.

Areas of Research

Currently, the D.C. Campbell Chair has research interest in the general area of pavement management, design and construction; and the application of sustainable practices for roads, highways and airports. Example topics include, but not limited to:

· Pavement evaluation techniques and pavement instrumentation.
· End-Results specification and quality control / quality assurance of pavement materials.
· Pavement management systems and optimization of decision making.
· Cost-effective pavement preservation techniques.
· Long-term performance of recycled hot mixtures and warm mix asphalt.

The Chair is open to be involved in other areas of pavement engineering research as well. For more information please contact Dr. Xiomara Sanchez.