Our Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Lynne Duffy, University of New Brunswick, Moncton campus. Cathy Leaman, Research Assistant

Phase II:

Research Assistant/Project Coordinator

Cathy Leaman, B.Sc and graduate student in MEd (Adult Education). 

External Co-Investigators

Dr. Judy Wuest and Professor Marilyn Merritt-Gray, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton campus.


Twenty lone mothers who have left IPV and are seeking or attempting to maintain a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their children including: Valerie, Tania Lynn, Chris, Collinda, Joanne, Alice, Katie, Ashley, Kay Dee, Lynn, Christine, and Leanne.

Community Advisory Committee

A diverse membership representing our community partners, education, media, government, those working with the population around issues of IPV and poverty, as well as two participants from Phase I.