Phase I

From 2005 to 2007 a participatory action research took place with a small group of lone mothers in Greater Moncton. The overall purpose of the study was to carry out a participatory community health assessment around the women's perspectives and experiences. More specifically, based on the method of photovoice, to:

  1. enable lone mothers to record, reflect, and act on their community concerns and strengths that especially influence health and well being;
  2. promote critical dialogue and knowledge about important community issues of lone mothers through group discussion and photographs; and
  3. reach policy makers and others who might be sensitized and mobilized for change around areas of concern.

The women chose a new topic to photograph based on issues emerging from each monthly discussion and analysis of photographs.

Findings: Eight themes were made public: Finances, Place, Stress, Public Services, Transportation, Support, Personal Development, and Abuse and Violence that were presented through the use of posters. These were later redesigned and digitalized by graphic designer Kevin Millar through the auspices of Dale Ritchie of McKenzie College in Moncton, NB. The study was funded through the University of New Brunswick’s Research Fund (URF).

An overview of this study can be found in the article: Duffy, L. Hidden Heroines: Lone Mothers Assessing Community Health using Photovoice. Health Promotion Practice, 11(6), 788-797. First published December 18, 2008 Online First.  doi:10.1177/15248399083224779.