Rotary Gas Cyclone Dust Separator

Many industrial processes, such as mineral processing, petroleum refining, chemical engineering, food processing and environmental cleaning, require the removal of particulate matter from an air stream. The present invention provides a rotary gas cyclone separator with a dual-ducted filtering vortex finder for separating fine particles from the air or other gas streams.

The rotary gas cyclone separator device for separating particles from a gas stream is comprised of a cylindrical-conical type cyclone body with a tangential inlet, a dust hopper, a gas outlet and a rotary filtering vortex finder for separation of finer particles.

In operation, there are two stages of gas-particle separation. A gas stream containing particles enters the tangential inlet and the gas stream spins downwards along the inner surface of the cyclone body forming an outer vortex in the upper cylindrically shaped section. The gas stream accelerates as it spirals down into the lower conically shaped section. Large particles in the gas stream are separated from the outer vortex due to centrifugal force and fall into the dust hopper.

This is the first stage of separation. In the outer vortex, finer particles will travel down to the bottom of the cyclone body, turn, and then spin upwards in the central area of the cyclone body within the outer vortex. The upward spiralling gas stream containing the finer particles forms the inner vortex. The inner vortex with finer particles enters the interior of the rotary filtering vortex finder where the finer particles are captured. A clean gas stream then flows upwards in the annular chamber into the gas outlet. This is the second stage of separation.


The advantages of the gas separator are:

  • Simple structure;
  • Low cost;
  • Can be implemented as part of a gas turbine system.

Stage of Development

A prototype is developed and beta tests have been successful in the laboratory.

Intellectual Property

Issued US Patent 7,594,941 – Rotary Gas Cyclone Separator

This technology is available for licensing.

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