Sensor System for Creating High Spatial Resolution and Large Coverage Hyperspectral Images

Technology Description

This invention uses a sensor system that collects essential information of high spatial resolution, high spectral resolution (hyperspectral - more than 100 spectral bands), and large ground coverage images by effectively utilizing the complementary relationship between spectral bandwidth and spatial resolution of optical sensors. A large coverage hyperspectral image can be created by effectively combining the data retrieved from using specifically configured sensors through an automated multi-level spatial and spectral resolution sharpening process.

If the data combination process is completed after the data transfer (such as from satellite to ground, from the data vender to end user, or others), after the data storage and before the final use of the hyperspectral image, the data volume can be significantly reduced to a small fraction of the data volume of an equivalent high spatial resolution hyperspectral image.


  • Increases the spatial resolution of hyperspectral images.
  • Reduces the data volume of hyperspectral images.
  • Increases the ground coverage of hyperspectral images.

Stage of Development

This technology is at the proof of concept stage.

Intellectual Property

US Patent pending. This technology is available for licensing.

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