CIHR Templates


For free-form application attachments

ORS Grant Facilitators prepare MS Word templates to assist UNB researchers in preparing the free-form sections of their CIHR applications by establishing appropriate margins, header and footers, fonts, and section titles. Please contact ORS to request a template for the funding program to which you plan to apply.

Please refer to the Canadian Institute of Health Research for additional information such as program descriptions, application forms and procedures, detailed attachment instructions, competition guidelines, and deadlines.

Note: for funding programs with specific deadlines, submission of the complete draft application package is normally due to ORS for review at least 2 weeks prior to the agency's deadline. ORS also requests registration of your intention to apply for any research funding: grant, contract, award or prize. Register by emailing ORS.

Common Instructions

  • Delete red text when complete, as this is meant to flag special instructions (i.e., page limits).
  • Replace "Your Name Here", found in the header, with your name.
  • Replace "Project Title Here", found in the header, with your project title.
  • Replace "Section Title Here", found in the header, with the appropriate section title (e.g., Research Proposal, Research Proposal Appendix, Summary of Progress, etc.).
  • Custom sub-headings that are best suited to your research can be used under the main headings.