Lockheed Martin Cybersecurity Research Fund

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As part of its Industrial and Regional Benefits (IRB) commitments to the Government of Canada, Lockheed Martin Aero has provided funds to assist the University of New Brunswick’s (UNB’s) advancement of cybersecurity applied research.  The monies are being used to establish a fund to support cybersecurity, specifically the Lockheed Martin Cybersecurity Research Fund (LMCRF).  Through the LMCRF, UNB will further research in cybersecurity across any discipline.  This program is being managed under the auspices of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC). The LMCRF will be used for technology enhancement within the various domains of cybersecurity. The primary focus for the LMCRF program funds will be projects carried out within the CIC, particularly those that align with clearly identified end-user requirements, both in industrial and public areas of application. It will also enable UNB professors to initiate and sustain multi-disciplinary projects that range from fundamental to applied research in a diverse span of disciplines.

The LMCRF competition will be held twice a year.

Round 1 2020 Deadline: Monday, February 10, 2020

Round 2 2020 Deadline: TBA

One hard copy must be provided to your department chair (as applicable), who must sign the application. This copy will then be submitted to the Dean's Office for signature. Please check with your Dean's Office for their internal deadline.

An electronic copy of the full application package (including the original form-fillable PDF that will not have signatures and all relevant attachments) must be e-mailed to ors@unb.ca on or before 4:00pm on the application deadline date.

ORS requests registration of your intention to apply for any research funding: grant, contract, award or prize. Register by emailing ORS.

LMCRF Forms & Guidelines
Application Form
Detailed Proposal
Budget Justification
Report Form - Year 1
Report Form - Year 2
Report Form - Final