Harrison McCain Foundation Awards

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The Harrison McCain Foundation (HMF) awards program ended with the 2019 competition.  The university is working towards funding for a new program that supports the main elements of the original HMF program.  We hope to have more concrete information about a modified program later in the spring, with a potential competition deadline in the summer or early fall of 2020.  As soon as we have details of such a program we will advise the UNB community.


At the heart of a strong university is its faculty, those highly educated individuals whose responsibilities encompass teaching, research and scholarship, and community service. As competition among the most talented of these intensifies across the country, the ability to offer faculty unique opportunities for study, travel, renewal, and professional development can provide a decided advantage in recruiting and retaining top scholars. On the other hand, it is also important to “cross-pollinate” our faculty by inviting experts to join our ranks on a short-term basis and by enabling our longer-serving faculty to take advantage of invitations extended to them by other institutions. The Harrison McCain Foundation has offered the University of New Brunswick a rare opportunity to provide incentive to outstanding faculty to join or remain at UNB and to attract visiting faculty to the University on short-term appointments to enrich course offerings and strengthen research programs.

Deadline: Pending Program Renewal

One hard copy must be provided to your department chair (as applicable), who must sign and rank the application. This copy will then be submitted to the Dean's Office for ranking. Please check with your Dean's Office for their internal deadline.

An electronic copy of the full application package (including the original form-fillable PDF that will not have signatures and all relevant attachments) must be e-mailed to ors@unb.ca on or before 4:00pm on the application deadline date.

ORS requests registration of your intention to apply for any research funding: grant, contract, award or prize. Register by emailing ORS.

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