Plagiochila porelloides


Plagiochila asplenioides (L.) Dumort., Plagiochila asplenioides ssp. porelloides (Torrey ex Nees) Schust.


Plagiochila porelloides is one of the most common leafy-liverworts found in New Brunswick (Belland 1992, Bagnall and Bishop 2003, Clay and Richards 1996), and is relatively easy to recognize, even for beginners. It is large for a leafy-liverwort, with stiff, thick stems, and leaves that are often distinctly folded when dry. In many cases, the leaves are minutely and haphazardly serrated along the margins, but this is not always the case; the rhizoids are typically brownish. Plagiochila porelloides may be mistaken for the largely European species, Plagiochila asplenioides (L.) Dumort., but it is generally smaller, with less-serrated leaf-margins (Faubert 2012). The leaf-margins also seem to be less frequently serrated when it is growing on organic substrates in shaded habitats.

Habitat and Distribution

Plagiochila porelloides is commonly found over rock outcrops and boulders, tree bases, humus in swamps and over soil banks; also occasionally on rotting wood (Ireland et al. 1987). There are 110 records of Plagiochila porelloides in New Brunswick throughout 12 counties: Albert, Charlotte, Kent, Kings, Madawaska, Northumberland, Queens, Restigouche, Saint John, Victoria, Westmorland and York. Over 40 records are held at the New Brunswick Museum as primary taxon and over 50 as associated taxon. There are also 10 records from Canadian Museum of Nature Herbarium and others held at other herbaria throughout North America (CNABH 2010).

Species Name:

Plagiochila porelloides

Family Name:


Species Authority: (Torrey ex Nees) Lindenb.
Total Records held: 110
Total Records held at NBM: 90
Bibliography: Bagnell, B.A., and G. Bishop. 2003. Inventory of bryophytes and vascular plants, Carleton Martello Tower National Historic site, Saint John, N. B., Canada. Sussex, NB. Belland, R.J. 1992. The bryophytes of Kouchibouguac National Park. Vancouver, B.C. Clay, D., and S.G. Richards. 1996. A Checklist (with codes) of the Vascular Plants, Lichens and Bryophytes of Fundy National Park: including notes on the park herbarium. Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON. 118 pp. Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria. 2010. Available online at Accessed April 30, 2015. Faubert, J. 2012. Flore des bryophytes du Québec-Labrador: Anthocérotes et Hépatiques. Société québécoise de bryologie, Saint-Valérien, Québec. 356 pp. Ireland, R.R., G. Bellolio-Trucco, and L.M. Ley. 1987. Illustrated guide to some hornworts, liverworts and mosses of eastern Canada. Botany Division, Ottawa, ON. 205 pp.