Mylia anomala


Mylia anomala is a common leafy-liverwort in New Brunswick. It is recognized for its large, rounded lateral leaves (they look like Mickey Mouse’s ears when cut in transverse section and pressed flat), and its lanceolate underleaves.

Habitat and Distribution

Mylia anomala is often found amidst mosses in peat bogs, but can also be found growing over rock outcrops and boulders, on tree bases, over humus in swamps and over soil banks, or occasionally on rotting wood.

There are 76 records of Mylia anomala in New Brunswick throughout 12 counties: Albert, Charlotte, Gloucester, Kent, Kings, Madawaska, Queens, Restigouche, Saint John, Victoria, Westmorland and York.

Species Name:

Mylia anomala

Species Authority: (Hook.) S. Gray
Total Records held: 76
Total Records held at NBM: 68
Bibliography: Belland, R.J. 1992. The bryophytes of Kouchibouguac National Park. Vancouver, B.C. Consortium of North American Bryophyte Herbaria. 2010. Available online at Accessed April 30, 2015.