Lophocolea heterophylla


Lophocolea heterophylla is a common leafy-liverwort in New Brunswick. It is recognized by the long-ciliate perianths, and the light-green, opaque, and uniquely variable lateral leaves, which range from bidentate to emarginate or even entire. The underleaves are usually 4-lobed, with the tips tapering to filaments. Rhizoids are limited to small tufts at the base of the underleaves. Unlike Lophocolea minor, plants are large (1-2 mm across).

Habitat and Distribution

Lophocolea heterophylla can be found on organic substrates: rotting wood, humus, hummocks in swamps, moist soil banks, and sometimes on rock. It is common, widespread and abundant, and likely exists in all counties, wherever there are forested areas.

There are 78 records of Lophocolea heterophylla in New Brunswick throughout 13 counties: Albert, Carleton, Charlotte, Gloucester, Kings, Northumberland, Queens, Restigouche, Saint John, Sunbury, Victoria, Westmorland and York. At least 67 records are known from the New Brunswick Museum herbarium, although it likely exists in many additional packets without formal documentation.

Species Name:

Lophocolea heterophylla

Species Authority: (Schrad.) Dum.
Total Records held: 82
Total Records held at NBM: 67
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