Lepidozia reptans

Lepidozia reptans is a common and distinctive leafy-liverwort in New Brunswick. It is recognized by the finger-like lobes (3 or 4) on its leaves, which tend to curl under (towards the substratum) when dry. Unlike Bazzania trilobata, there are no flagella on the ventral side, and the stems are narrow (1-2 mm).

Lepidozia reptans can be found on rotting wood, bark, rocks, humus, or peaty soil in shady forests.

There are 101 records of Lepidozia reptans in New Brunswick throughout 11 counties: Albert, Charlotte, Kent, Kings, Madawaska, Northumberland, Restigouche, Saint John, Victoria, Westmorland and York.

It is widespread and frequent in forested habitats and almost certainly present in all counties. Records for Sunbury County will likely soon be added, due to collections in the 2013 NBM Bio-Blitz. It is represented in the New Brunswick Museum collections by 24 primary and 37 associate taxon collections. Additional significant collections include the Canadian Museum of Nature (5) and UBC (22).

Species Name:

Lepidozia reptans

Species Authority: (L.) Dum.
Total Records held: 101
Total Records held at NBM: 61
Bibliography: Belland 1992, Clay and Richards 1996, Cole et al. 2008