Calypogeia suecica


Calypogeia suecica is a rare leafy liverwort in New Brunswick. It is distinguished from other members of the genus by the frequent presence of angular margins, or even an extra set of lobes with ciliate tips, on the underleaves. They are generally pale green in colour.

Habitat and Distribution

Calypogeia suecica can be found on rotting logs in shady forests. There are 7 reports of Calypogeia suecica in New Brunswick, all from surveys by Haughian and Frego (2014) in Madawaska and Victoria counties. It may have a restricted range in the province, but is also likely underreported, due to the habit of growing intermixed with C. Muelleriana and other similar species.

Species Name:

Calypogeia suecica

Family Name:


Species Authority: (Arnell & J. Perss.) Müll. Frib.
Total Records held: 7
Total Records held at NBM: 1
Bibliography: Haughian, S.R., and K.A. Frego. 2014. Calypogeia suecica (Arnell & J . Perss .) Müll. Frib., a new liverwort record for New Brunswick, Canada. Evansia 31:109–111.