Bazzania trilobata


Bazzania trilobata is one of the largest, most noticeable leafy-liverworts in New Brunswick. It is recognized by its large size (leafy shoots usually 3-6 mm across), incubous leaf-overlap pattern, and minutely trilobed leaf-tips.

Habitat and Distribution

Bazzania trilobata can be found on humus or peaty soil, over banks or moist rotting wood on the forest floor or on boulders and cliff ledges, usually in coniferous or mixed-wood forests.

There are 121 records of Bazzania trilobata in New Brunswick throughout 14 recorded counties: Albert, Charlotte, Gloucester, Kent, Kings, Madawaska, Northumberland, Queens, Restigouche, Saint John, Sunbury, Victoria, Westmorland and York. It likely also exists in Carleton County, but simply has not yet been collected. It is one of the most common and abundant forest liverworts in the province. 

Species Name:

Bazzania trilobata

Variety: trilobata
Family Name:


Taxonomic Authority: (L.) S. Gray
Total Records held: 121
Total Records held at NBM: 37