Anastrophyllum helleranum

Syn. Anastrophyllum hellerianum (Nees) Schust.

Found on tree bases or rotting logs in moist forested areas of Ch, Gl, Ma, Re, SJ, Vi, We, and Yo counties. Never abundant, but not rare. Due to minute size, plants are rarely detected without microscopic examination of surface. Probably under-collected.

9 total records, with 7 at NBM, and 1 at CANM, but many uncurated observations from Ma and Vi counties by SRH.

Species Name:

Anastrophyllum helleranum

Variety: helleranum
Family Name:


Species Authority: (Nees) Schust.
Total Records held: 9
Total Records held at NBM: 8
Bibliography: Fenton & Frego (2005)