RURAL Centre

The RURAL Centre is a mutually-supportive RURAL Centrecollaborative research network and resource centre that aims to:

  1. Enhance our understanding of the physical and socio-economic environmental influences on the health of rural Atlantic Canadians and the capacity of rural Atlantic Canadians to respond to these challenges.
  2. Provide a locus for exchange of ideas between researchers, government agencies, concerned citizens, and rural Atlantic Canadians.
  3. Foster trans-disciplinary research interactions and initiatives in Atlantic Canada.
  4. Create enhanced training opportunities for students and rural health professionals in Atlantic Canada.
  5. Include research on innovation uptake and implementation by policy makers and health service providers in Atlantic Canada


  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Research Team

Principle Investigator:

  • Judy Guernsey (Dal)


  • Doug Willms
  • Beth Fairbairn
  • Justine Gibbings, winner of the Atlantic Rural Centre PhD Fellowship
  • Teresa Tang