Kerry MacQuarrie's Lab

Current Graduate Students

S. Danielescu

Emmanuel Dumont

MsCE Candidate

Multicomponent reactive transport modeling of ammonium concentration and isotope pattern in a manure lagoon plume.

R. Dunbar

S. Morton

Nathan Wilbur

MScE Candidate


Completed Graduate Students


M.D. Alexander (2006)

The thermal regime of shallow groundwater in a clearcut and a forested streamside buffer.

Current position: working with the environmental group at Fundy Engineering & Consulting, a multi-disciplinary engineering firm in Saint John, NB.

D.J.Z. Chen (2004)

Numerical investigation of nitrogen isotopes and related species in nitrate-contaminated groundwater.


L. Chubbs (2007)

An investigation of perchlorate occurrence in groundwater and surface water at the Wellington Anti-Tank Range, Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, New Brunswick.

Current position: an engineer, Operations and Planning (including environmental), Canadian Forces Expeditionary Command, in Ottawa.

T. Noble-Sharpe (2004)

(Co-supervised with D. Bray)

Effects of spatial and temporal variations of recharge from precipitation on advective groundwater modeling results.


K.E. Pooley (2006)

(Co-supervised with S. Haderlein and H. Prommer)

Model-based interpretation of stable isotope field data on the source and fate of chlorinated solvents.

Current position: hydrogeologist with Worley Parsons Komex in Edmonton, Alberta.

A.C. Maprani (2004)

(Co-supervised with T. Al)

The fate of mercury in Gossan Creek, northern, New Brunswick.


A.A. Goldschneider (2006)

(Co-supervised with Katy Haralampides)

River sediment and flow characteristics near a bank filtration water supply: Implications for riverbed clogging.

Current position: working with Geostock in Paris, France. Geostock is major international consulting firm specializing in the design, construction and operation of underground storage facilities for liquid, liquefied or gaseous hydrocarbons, and wastes.

M.R. Dawe (2006)

Assessing infiltration velocities during riverbank filtration.

Current position: a consulting engineer with Jacques Whitford in Fredericton, NB.

J. Keizer (2002)

An evaluation of the long-term groundwater quality impacts from the use of hexazinone for the commercial production of lowbush blueberries.

B.M. Petrunic (2002)

(Co-supervised with T. Al)

Reductive dissolution of manganese oxides in river-recharged aquifers: laboratory-scale investigations.

R.B. Sharpe (2002)

(Co-supervised with D. Bray)

Evaluation of the effects of sand size, size distribution, and length scale on longitudinal dispersivity.

O. Valentin (2002)

Numerical simulation of groundwater flow and nitrate transport in an agricultural watershed.



Sabine Spiessl, who was a Post-Doctoral researcher located at UBC (Earth and Ocean Sciences) and supported by a collaborative UNB-UBC grant from Ontario Power Generation (reactive transport modelling in sparsely fractured rock) is now a nuclear safety scientist with the GRS research organization, Germany.