Amanda Valois (Laboratory Manager and Head Taxonomist, BMI Laboratory).
Amanda is an invertebrate ecologist and taxonomist from Sudbury, Ontario. She has a Masters degree in zooplankton ecology. She joined the CRI in June, 2008 as lead taxonomist in the Benthic Macroinvertebrate (BMI) lab.

Mark Gautreau  - (Senior Fisheries Biologist).  Mark has been the lead fisheries and aquatic biologist in Allen's research group since 1999.

Lisa Baird - (BMI Technician).   Lisa is responsible for the preparation and sorting of all BMI samples passing through our BMI facility.

Faye Cowie - (Manager and Senior Programmer).  NB Aquatic Data Warehouse.

Colin Casey - (Senior Programmer).  NB Aquatic Data Warehouse.