Supervisor: Dr. Kelly Munkittrick and Dr. Deborah MacLatchy

The evaluation, refinement and application of laboratory based short-term adult fish reproductive tests

I am interested in the effect of potential endocrine disrupting substances on the aquatic system. For my PhD, I evaluated and refined a short-term adult reproductive test, which is a valuable tool for assessing the potential of chemicals and/or waste streams to affect the reproductive endocrine system in fish. I also evaluated the ability to use biomarkers to predict the reproductive performance of fish.

Another research interest is the development of solid methodologies to measure potential impacts on the environment. Good science is like constructing a pyramid: a group of scientists creates a solid base, which the next generation of scientists build on. If science wants to move forward, this solid base is vital: we don't want to build a tower that is easily knocked over. 

An important tool in building our science pyramid is quality assurance and quality control (QA/AC), which starts at basic concepts that include proper study design and selection of the appropriate statistical test when analyzing data. However, these aspects of science are sometimes pushed to the periphery, making data interpretation difficult and, in some cases, impossible. I focus on QA/QC in laboratory protocols, improving the overall quality of science, which will save time in the long run.