Stream Ecosystem Health Kit

Over the next few years, the NBCFWRU with support from various community groups and the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund will be developing a tool kit for community groups to use for assessing the health of the streams in their watersheds.

The first step of this evolving process is the delivery of a method to assess the biological integrity using stream macroinvertebrates, a.k.a. "bugs". The method we are using is derived from the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation's Streamkeeper's Field Guide. We have tested this method on New Brunswick data from the Petitcodiac and Magaguadavic river watersheds and found it to be most applicable.

You can download the method description, techniques, and analyses data/work sheets from this web page. The data sheets are in EXCEL 7.0 format ready for entry of your data, but you can also print them off to use as work sheets. The other 2 files are Adobe Acrobat pdf format documents. It is recommended that you consider obtaining a copy of the Streamkeeper's Field Guide (ISBN # 0-9652109-0-1) because it has many additional techniques designed to help community groups assess and protect their streams.

You can obtain further information at or the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation, 425-316-8592.

If you have any questions about the stream ecosystem materials, please contact Dr. Allen Curry (


Collecting 'bugs' on the Magaguadavic River
Collecting 'bugs' on the Magaguadavic River


Analysis of Data Worksheet
Stream Characteristics Worksheets