• Mark Gautreau, Michelle Gray, S.L. Currie, R.J. Smith, Tim Arciszewski, and Mike LeMoine
    Canadian Rivers Institute,  UNB Department of Biology
  • Steve Currie and John Blenis
    NB Department of Natural Resources - Region 3
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Megan Finley, UNB, Department of Biology

Text and Non-Photographic Images

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This project could not have been completed (in this decade) without significant contributions from our colleagues across the region.  They helped compile the data, create maps, and most reviewed our summaries. 

From NB Department of Natural Resources, we received database information and GIS support from M. Sabine, C. Connell, P. Cronin, S. Currie, and D. Sabine. 

From NS, fish data was provided by J. McMillan, T. Crandlemere, M. Hill, and K. Legere (NS Agriculture and Fisheries). 

D. Cairns (Fisheries and Oceans Canada), T. Dupuis (Atlantic Salmon Federation), D. Guignon (University of Prince Edward Island) reviewed fish distributions for PEI. 

S. Courtenay (Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Gulf Fisheries Centre) provided additional distribution information for brackish water fishes.  We was also fortunate to have GIS support from F. Cowie (NB Aquatic Data Warehouse), F. Meng and G. Jordan (UNB).  S. Currie (NB DNR), J. Gilhen (NS Museum of Natural History), M. Sabine (NB DNR), E. Luiker (Env. Can./CRI), and J. Bagnall (AMEC, Fredericton) provided excellent reviews and thoughts on fish distributions.

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