White Perch, Morone americana





The white perch has a deep body that is laterally compressed.  Its has an olive to dark grayish back, silvery to grayish sides, lightening to a white belly.  The first dorsal fins is spined and the second dorsal and pelvic fins have one spine and the anal fin has three.  The lateral line has 46 - 51 scales along its length.  It has no teeth on base of tongue, and no lateral stripes.  The average size of white perch is 5 - 7 inches, but can grow to 15 inches.


The white perch lives in fresh, salt, and brackish waters, and feeds mainly on aquatic insects and fishes.  Spawns during the spring, May - June, in freshwater.  It takes place in shallow water regardless of substrate type.  The adhesive eggs are released in the water and become attached to vegetation, the bottom, and anything else present.  There is no parental care for the eggs or young.  White perch are often caught by anglers both during the summer and ice fishing.  The flesh is white and good tasting.

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