Creek Chub, Semotilus atromaculatus



Creek chub are somewhat cigar shaped, robust and slightly laterally compressed.  Its colour ranges from a dark brown to olive back, with lighter almost silvery sides and cream belly.  There is a distinct lateral band with 53 - 61 scales. A key characteristic is a dark spot at the anterior base of the dorsal fin.  The average length four inches but may get up to 10 -12 inches.





Creek chub inhabit rivers and streams, where they eat small fish, plankton,  and aquatic insects.  Creek chub spawn in the spring during May and June.  At this  time the male develops a rosy underside and turbercles on its head and pelvic fins. The male digs a nest in a gravel area by picking up rocks with its mouth.  The nest  can be 10 - 12 inches in diameter.  Several females may spawn with a male.  The  nest is covered with gravel when spawning in completed.  The creek chub are  sometimes caught by anglers, but are mostly preyed upon by fish eating birds, and larger fish.