Loop 2

Lab assistant looking at chemistry section of loop

Loop 2 is a re-circulating loop that can operate under a range of temperature, pressure, and flow conditions. We offer multiple water chemistry selections mimicking nuclear primary and secondary heat transport water chemistries for corrosion evaluation. Water chemistry selections include: AVT, lithiated, and pH-neutral chemistry conditions. 

Designed to simulate parameters of the primary heat transport system of a CANDU® nuclear reactor, Loop 2 allows for the development and testing of online sensors in order to accurately predict and monitor the corrosion rate in these environments to maximize the longevity of service equipment. It also acts as initial verification for new commercial online sensors.

This loop is equipped with a high pressure chemical injection system that is capable of delivering a chemical additive just prior to the test section. The flexible test section can be isolated from the rest of the loop to permit the insertion and removal of various experimental probes and test specimens while the loop is running. Located downstream of the test section is the low temperature chemistry section, which contains industry standard analytical instrumentation to measure dissolved hydrogen and oxygen, pH and conductivity.

The loop’s tubing and fittings are primarily made of grade 316 stainless steel. At maximum operating conditions, Loop 2 can reach temperatures up to 340°C, pressures up to 20MPa, and flow rates up to 3000 mL/min.