Graduate Students, and Past lab members:

Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Greg Robertson                  1998                                        Now Research Scientist at CWS Mount Pearl NL
Diana Hamilton                   May 1999-Dec 2001                 Now Prof at Mount Allison University, NB
Joël Bêty                             Dec 2001-  Jan 2004                Now Prof at Université du Québec à Rimouski

Graduate Students:

Allard, Karel. Foraging Ecology of an avian predator, the Herring Gull and its colonial eider duck prey. Ph.D. 2006.

Amey, Krista D. Seabirds as indicators of change in marine food webs and recruitment to commercial fish stocks. M.Sc. 1998

Askanas, Hubert has completed his M.Sc on physiological indicators of stress in Bicknell's Thrush.

Betts, Matt. Independent effects of habitat amount and fragmentation on songbirds in a forest mosaic. Ph.D. 2005.

Bernard, Laurel.  Habitat selection and breeding success of Black Terns (Chlidonias niger) in impounded wetlands in New Brunswick.  M.Sc. 1999.

Black, Amie. Foraging ranges of Arctic and Common Terns. M.Sc. 2007.

Blinn, Brenda. Factors affecting habitat selection by Common Eiders during brood-rearing in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick. M.Sc. 2005.

Bond, Alex. Patterns of Mercury burden in the seabird community of Machias Seal Island, NB. M.Sc. 2007.

Boadway, Kelly. Finding the "Arctic" in the Arctic Tern: breeding biology and diet across the latitudinal range of an iconic seabird. M.Sc. 2012.

Bowser, Kirsten. Pyrosequencing a seabird food chain. M.Sc. 2013. Published as paper: From Puffins to Plankton: A DNA-Based Analysis of a Seabird Food Chain in the Northern Gulf of Maine.

Breton, Andre. Demographic parameter estimates and their biological implications for a seabird metapopulation. Ph.D. 2005.

Charette, Mathieu. A comparison of Arctic and Common Tern biology on Machias Seal and Country Islands. M.Sc. 2005.  Currently Operations & Scientific Programs Manager of the Toucan Ridge  Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S.) in the Maya Mountains of Belize.

Clarke, Travis.  Movement behaviour of Razorbills breeding on Machias Seal Island. M.Sc. 2008.

Dean, Tracey. Second-growth habitat use and survival rates of migrant and resident land birds, North Andros Island, Bahamas. M.Sc. F. 1999.

Devlin, Catherine. Birds crossing borders: a population study of Arctic Terns. Ph.D. 2006.

Dionne, Mark. Relationship between diving ducks and mussel aquaculture in P.E.I., Canada. M.Sc. 2004.

Fraser, Kevin (Ph.D., Biology). Seasonal migration and diet use in a neotropical community of birds and bats. Ph.D. 2010.

Grecian, Dedreic. The effect of physical and biological parameters on the breeding success of Razorbills on Machias Seal Island, N.B. in 2000 and 2001. M.Sc. 2005.

Gunn, John S. Local and landscape effects of industrial forestry on the reproductive activity of forest songbirds in northwestern New Brunswick, Canada. Ph.D. thesis 2003.

Hudson (Trefry), Sarah. Effect of wing tags and testing hypotheses of sexual size dimorphism in Frigatebirds. Ph.D. 2015.  Now works for Environment Canada at their office in Delta B.C.

Huettmann, Falk. Environmental determination of seabird distribution patterns off eastern and arctic Canada. Ph.D. 2000.

Jardine, Laura. Mercury cycling and finfish aquaculture. M.Sc. 2007. (Co-supervised with Dr. M. Burt).

Jamieson, Sarah. Endogenous reserve dynamics of Northern Eiders (Somateria mollissima borealis) wintering in Greenland.  M.Sc. 2003.

Kelly, Kevin. Defended his thesis: Atlantic Puffin health and its effect on reproductive success and honest signalling in bills and feet. M.Sc. 2015.

MacDonald, Mark. Pre-translocation assessment of Laysan Island, north-western Hawaiian Islands, as suitable habitat for the Nihoa Millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris kingi). M.Sc.F. 2012.

Mahabir, KevinInfluence of habitat on the occurrence of the endemic Barbuda Warbler (Setophaga subita) and resident Yellow Warbler (Setophaga petechia). M.Sc.F. 2018.

Mawhinney, Kim. 1999. Factors affecting adult female creche attendance and duckling survival of common eiders in the southern Bay of Fundy and northern Gulf of Maine. Ph.D. 1999.

McFarlane, Dorothy M.  Habitat use by post-fledging songbirds. M.Sc. 2000.

McKinley, Peter. Tree species selection and use by foraging insectivorous passerines in a forest landscape. Ph.D. 2004.

McKinnon, Emily A.  Bicknell’s Thrush (Catharus bicknelli) in managed forests: nest-site selection, diet, and co-occurrence with Swainson’s Thrush (C. ustulatus). M.Sc.F. 2009.

Minich, Laura. Feeding behaviour of seabirds breeding on Machias Seal Island. M.Sc. 2007.

Otorowski, Catherine. Mercury dynamics in gulls breeding in the Bay of Fundy. M.Sc.F. 2006.

Paquet, Julie. Time-budget flexibility of breeding Arctic Terns (Sterna paradisaea): an investigation of the behavioural buffer. M.Sc. 2001.

Postma, Chelsea.  Has withdrawn from her M.Sc.F. program on an occupancy model for Bicknell's Thrush in New Brunswick.  

Shlepr, Katherine. The geography of diet: Population and behavioural effects of
food types available to a generalist species, the Herring Gull. M.Sc. 2017. Kate is now pursuing her Ph.D. at Florida Atlantic University.

Simon, Neal. Patterns of bird abundance in relation to logging in western Labrador.  M.Sc.F. 1998.

Simon, Neal. Bird abundance and breeding success in relation to forest structure and site quality in central Labrador. Ph.D. 2006.

Sprague, Ashley. Movements of shorebirds migrating through the upper Bay of Fundy. M.Sc. 2006.

Stevens, Cam. An experimental study of faunal communities in small wetlands on Prince Edward Island. M.Sc. 2000.

Symons, Stephanie C.   Ecological segregation between two closely related species: exploring Atlantic puffin and razorbill foraging hotspots.

Warren, Tara. A multiple-scale investigation of cavity-nesting bird habitat in an industrial forest.  M.Sc. 2003.

Whidden, Erin. Patterns of Natal Recruitment in the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica) M.Sc. 2016.

Young, Lasha A. Habitat use and behaviour of the Blackburnian Warbler, Dendroica fusca, in an Acadian forest. M.Sc.F. 2003.

Zitske, Brad. Apparent survival and morphometrics of two forest bird species at a landscape scale. M.Sc.F. 2008.

Nikki Benjamin
Robin Hunnewell
Erin Nixon

Other Past Lab Members:

Biology Honours Undergraduate Theses:

Jeff Hoyt. The effects of climate and food availability on breeding phenology and success of tree swallows, (Tachycineta bicolor) in southern Saskatchewan. Honours B.Sc. Thesis, Biology. 1996. Currently: Manager of Climate Change Adaptation in the Climate Change Secretariat, Department of Environment and Local Government, New Brunswick.

Bridget Morrison. Effects of human disturbance on the breeding success of Arctic Terns, (Sterna paradisaea) and on the behaviour of Arctic and Common Terns (S. hirundo) during the 1995 breeding season at Machias Seal Island, NB. Honours B.Sc. Thesis, Biology. 1996

Dan Mazarolle. Ecomorphological aspects of foraging behaviour in insectivorous passerines.   Honours B.Sc.thesis, Biology. 1997. Currently with Parks Canada at Fundy National Park.

Dorothy McFarlane. Site-fidelity and post-fledging movements of hardwood forest birds in southern New Brunswick. Honours B.Sc.thesis, Biology. 1997.

Ceiridwyn Robbins. The effect of body condition on clutch size in female common eiders, (Somateria mollissima) in the Bay of Fundy. Honours B.Sc. Thesis, Biology. 1997. Has completed a Masters in Museum Studies and is now working for Alberta Parks where she is Visitor Services Coordinator for three provincial parks – Lesser Slave Lake, Winagami Lake, and Hilliard’s Bay.  They have a partnership with the Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory and together help run the Boreal Centre for Bird Conservation . She says "Western Grebes nest on the lake along with many other species of waterfowl and shorebird, and we have a ton of songbirds in the forest, including Canada Warblers. I was over in Grande Prairie in April this year for the Swan Festival, which celebrates the annual return of Trumpeter Swans to the region, and got to see some in the wild – pretty awesome! There’s also the Kimiwan Birdwalk near Winagami Lake Provincial Park."

Jamie Glen. Structural and floristic aspects of arthropod abundance in hardwoods of an Acadian mixedwood forest.  B.Sc. Honours Thesis, Biology. 1998.

Heather Sisk. Forest songbird brood transect sampling as a method to assess reproductive success in landscape-scale studies.  B.Sc. Honours Thesis, Biology. 1998.

Mark Edwards.  Seasonal variation in mobbing response by forest birds.  B.Sc. thesis 2001.

Chantal Gagnon. Effects of human disturbance on the breeding biology of Arctic Terns, (Sterna paradisaea) on Machias Seal Island, N.B. B.Sc. thesis 2001.

Catherine Otorowski . A discriminant function analysis of eggs of Great Black-backed and Herring Gulls in Atlantic Canada. B.Sc. thesis 2002. Currently in veterinary practice.

Katie MacIntosh.  Mercury trends in breeding Arctic Terns, (Sterna paradisaea) and Common Terns, (S. hirundo) on Machias Seal Island, New Brunswick. B.Sc. Honours 2004.

Rebecca Standen. Assortative Mating in Atlantic Puffins. B.Sc. Honours, Biology, 2012.

Adam Hadley. Is Mobbing response by forest songbirds during the breeding season constrained  by territory boundaries?    B.Sc. Thesis 2003.  Currently Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Betts Lab., Oregon State University.

5th-year Theses in Forestry & Environmental Management:

Brad Case.  Territory habitat selection by four migratory warbler species in a New Brunswick mixed-wood forest: a discriminant analysis investigation. B.Sc.F. Thesis, 1996.
Jill Perry.  Association between four songbird species and vegetation in a mature hardwood stand. B.Sc.F. Thesis, 1996.
Garnett Raven. Parental investment by the sexes in the Great Black-backed Gull, (Larus marinus): the use of energy reserves during breeding.  B.Sc.F. Thesis. 1997.
Geoff Clarke. A spatial analysis of Bicknell’s Thrush habitat in northern New Brunswick.  B.Sc.F. Thesis.  1998.
R. Curran. Spatial and temporal predictions of potential Bicknell’s thrush breeding habitat in Northern New Brunswick.  B.Sc.F. Thesis. 1998.
Steve Fudge.  Dietary analysis of Chimney Swifts at UNB. B.Sc. F. Thesis. 1998.
Mike Keenan.   Analysis of forest landscape characteristics surrounding 3 study plots in the Greater Fundy ecosystem. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 1998.
Marcel LeCoure. Effects of post-fire salvage logging on breeding birds in western Labrador. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 1999.       
Patti Newell.  Effects of roads and disturbance on success of artificial songbird nests in a forested landscape.  B.Sc.F. Thesis. 1999.
Phil Terris. The effect of wetland size and type upon avian communities. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 2000.
Rhonda Hudson. Predicting arthropod density and diversity within different landscape contexts, tree species, and strata with respect to bird foraging. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 2000.
Viccki Violette.  Landscape analysis of the Breeding Bird Survey design.  B.Sc.F. Thesis. 2001.
Rebecca Aggas. An exploration of the relationship between bird species richness and plant species diversity in the Greater Fundy Ecosystem and Fundy Model Forest. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 2003.
Derek Mitchell. A comparative analysis of habitat change between Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) routes and the surrounding landscape. B.Sc.F. Thesis. 2003.
Tracey Bradley.  Temporal changes in the pattern of fledging by Atlantic Puffin, (Fratercula arctica) chicks. B.Sc.F. 2005. (Douglas Gold Medal 2006).
Lucy Rose. Do generalist species of birds have a wider geographic range than specialists?  B.Sc.F. 2005.
Phil Cyr. Does habitat fragmentation affect the body condition and age structure of the Blackburnian Warbler, (Dendroica fusca)? B.Sc.F. 2005.