Our People

We are based at the Fredericton campus of the University of New Brunswick, in both the Biology Department and the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management  (ForEm) faculties.  The director, Dr. Tony Diamond is jointly appointed as Emeritus Research Professor of Wildlife Ecology, in both faculties .

The current lab members are Honours, Master’s, and Doctoral research students pursuing a variety of research projects. Those working on seabirds usually contribute to the continuation of the long-term research and monitoring of seabird populations on Machias Seal Island in the Bay of Fundy.

Past lab members research is mentioned and when and where possible we provide their current whereabouts.

Technical support is provided by Ed Czerwinski in ForEm.

We continue to collaborate with colleagues abroad, in other universities, and in provincial and federal government departments.

Principal Investigator

Dr. Tony Diamond (link to home pages in ForEm and Biology)

Profs. Joe Nocera in Fredericton and Heather Major in Saint John have their own students working on related research, and Prof. Major is taking over the Machias Seal Island seabird work.