Summer rainfall on MSI has doubled since 2005 (see RAIN data summary)

Atlantic Puffin covered in rain drops, 2018 on Machias Seal Island (photo by Nick Hawkins).From 1997 through 2008, an annual report was printed, including a narrative account and extensive, annually-updated data summaries in tables and graphs. From 2009, the data on the website were updated regularly, but no formal report was printed. Narrative summaries of each season are presented here, somewhat condensed and edited from their original versions.

It is important to note that the most reliable source of data is the tables and graphs, NOT these summaries, which were prepared to a deadline for formal reporting, sometimes before the season's data were fully compiled and checked. 

Most recent Report: Seasonal Summary 2017

Past Years Reports:

Seasonal Summary 2016

Seasonal Summary 2015

Seasonal Summary 2014

Seasonal Summary 2013

Seasonal Summary 2012

Seasonal Summary 1995 - 2011


Personnel and Key Events on MSI 1995 to present.

A Summary of Historical Information on MSI Seabirds | 1985 CWS Report.