The Project FOCUS Team

Project FOCUS is sponsored by the President’s Executive Team, with endorsement from the Board of Governors.

The Project FOCUS program is overseen by the Enterprise Services and Systems Governance Committee, which includes representation from senior management and the university community. The committee defines, empowers and monitors enterprise projects to ensure strategic alignment and co-ordination among related university initiatives, including IT strategy, data management, and Project FOCUS.

Committee members include:

-        Vice-President, Administration and Finance [Committee Chair]
-        Associate Vice-President, ITS
-        Associate Vice-President, Saint John
-        Associate Vice-President, Academic – Learning Environment
-        University Comptroller
-        Dean of Graduate Studies
-        Executive Director, College of Extended Learning
-        Registrars
-        Director, Office of Research Services
-        Academic representative 

For more information on the Enterprise Services and Systems Governance Committee, please visit the ITS website.

Everyone at UNB will be involved in this initiative as we rely on their hard work and expertise to complete Project FOCUS.

For more information about Project FOCUS, please email