Welcome to Project FOCUS

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Project FOCUS is an initiative to help UNB harness the power of Colleague, the university’s primary ERP system. Colleague (the vendor’s name for the application suite including financial, human resources, student and advancement data and services) touches almost every aspect of academic and administrative life at UNB, but it is not being used to its full potential.  

Many people at UNB are familiar with Datatel and may not have heard of Colleague before. Datatel refers to the name of the company from which the university licensed Colleague in July 1996. The company is now called Ellucian, while the software continues to be called Colleague.   

Project FOCUS will overhaul UNB’s use of the system so the university can optimize the use of Colleague. 

By updating the ways in which UNB uses Colleague, the community will have better access to data and information, deliver services to students and clients more effectively, be more productive and efficient, and enhance accountabilityFaculty need to access current and accurate information to conduct classes and research. Administrators need up-to-the-minute financial and personnel reports to help them support the institution.  Staff need information to develop and implement appropriate programs and services.  Students need timely and relevant class data to track their academics. In a perfect world, data would be readily available from a single source, accurate, and shared between faculties and departments. Currently UNB operates many systems and services that sometimes contain conflicting data.  

Our ERP system will be transformed from a clunky and outdated service into a state-of-the-art toolset. Over the years, the system has been configured and customized to meet many different needs and includes many non-integrated applications outside of Colleague to meet users’ needs. Project FOCUS represents a co-ordinated, thoughtful approach to overall management and governance of the ERP. 

This initiative is ambitious but necessary to modernize and simplify UNB’s data environment. With Project FOCUS, all departments will have access to the same information and processes, reducing potential risk and cost to the university.

This is not an information technology project, but an organizational transformation project.  Our aim is to enhance the current system to make it comprehensive, integrated, efficient and reliable for students, faculty and staff to trust and use while focusing on their priorities. This project requires a name that elicits an authoritative and reliable source of information - one that enhances reputation, increases engagement on campus and focuses on student success. We look forward to working with the UNB community on Project FOCUS.