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 Technology-enabled Platform for Proactive Regular Senior-Centric Health Assessments

Lead organization: Kindred Home Care

Principle investigator(s): Brittany Jensen

About the project:

The issue

Many seniors don’t have the skills, knowledge, or technology to regularly monitor their health on their own at home. Without regular, proactive health monitoring, we cannot identify seniors at risk of negative health outcomes (like hospitalizations) before such events occur.

The importance

Hospitalizations and other negative health events are detrimental to seniors’ health and costly to the healthcare system. Proactive health monitoring may help seniors avoid negative health events and remain safely in their homes for longer. Having trained home support workers (caregivers) use their skills and technology to monitor seniors’ health makes proactive health monitoring more accessible to seniors receiving home care.

What makes this project different

Trained caregivers use technology to proactively monitor seniors’ health for risk factors that could predict hospitalizations or other negative health outcomes.

Seniors complete regular health assessments with their caregivers. Caregivers enter the results into a mobile app for analysis. The assessments involve physical health (like weight and blood pressure) and cognitive/mental health (like word recall and quality of life). All equipment is provided in a kit that is stored in the senior’s home.

Anticipated impacts

We anticipate that seniors will appreciate regularly checking on their health. Caregivers will benefit from learning new skills and having a new way to positively impact the seniors they care for.

We anticipate showing that it is practical to have trained caregivers use technology (mobile app) to monitor the health of seniors receiving home care.

We anticipate showing that trends in seniors’ health can predict negative health events, like hospitalizations. 


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