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Supporting Senior’s Quality of Life in Long-term Care – Early Integration of a Palliative Approach to Care

Lead organization: York Care Centre, Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging

Principle investigator(s): Tony Weeks and Justine Henry

About the project:

The issue

Many older adults living in long-term care have serious health problems and need quality end-of-life care. End-of-life care aims to improve and extend quality of life for a resident and their families so that they can live as best as possible up until their time of death. There are end-of-life care training programs designed for long-term care staff, but many are designed to be in person and require time away from work. Research shows that there are many chances to improve end-of-life care in long-term care with education and training for staff using a blended model – a mix of online training and in-house peer mentorship.

The importance

The New Brunswick population is aging at a high rate. An aging population means more older-adults will be living in long-term care and will eventually need end-of-life care.

What makes this project different

The study will enhance the education and training on end-of-life care for long-term care staff by providing a blended online and in-person training program. We will create and use an online end-of-life care education program and peer mentor activities for staff working in long-term care. There are 12 online modules with different end-of-life care topics. Peer mentors will support the staff through in-person mentorship activities.

Anticipated impacts

We want to enhance the everyday use of end-of-life care principles and improve the knowledge and skills of end-of-life care for staff. Therefore, improving the care experiences and outcomes for residents in long-term care and their families.

We will share the results of this study with other long-term care facilities and stakeholders to spread the education training across New Brunswick and nationally to improve end-of-life care for all seniors in other long-term care facilities.

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