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Promoting Physical Activity with Augmented Reality Experiences

Lead organization: York Care Centre, Centre for Innovation and Research in Aging

Principle investigator(s): Tony Weeks and Justine Henry

About the project:

The issue

To increase the physical activity, cognitive stimulation and social engagement of older adults living in long-term care settings.

The importance

Residents of Long-Term Care (LTC) settings may not regularly exercise or take part in social activities (Wilkinson et al., 2017).  Increased physical is an important component of healthy aging, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2018).

What makes this project different

The new technology, called the 2RACEWITHME device, has been designed for older adults to use to increase their physical activity.  The device has hand and foot pedals, which can be used together or separately. Residents can use this device while seated in a chair or wheelchair. To keep the participants engaged, they can watch travel videos from all over the world while pedaling the device. Residents need to keep pedaling in order to play the video.

Anticipated impacts

We anticipate that residents will enjoy this activity and therefore use the device more, which can increase their physical activity, provide more cognitive stimulation and enhance their feelings of well-being. Also, residents may encourage others to use the device. As a result, residents may choose to take part in more activities, both within the LTC setting and in the community. 

The learnings from this project will help determine the scalability and potential use of this intervention in similar LTC settings.


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