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Improving Immunization Rates Among Seniors using the CANImmunize Digital Application

Lead organization: CANImmunize Inc.

Principle investigator(s): Kumanan Wilson

Co-investigator: Katherine Atkinson

About the project:

The issue

Immunization is one of the most important strategies to improve population health. Pneumococcal disease is a leading cause of community acquired pneumonia amongst seniors and immunization rates for the disease are inadequate.

The importance

Vaccination of senior populations can reduce their morbidity and mortality for pneumococcal-related diseases, influenza and herpes zoster (shingles). There has not been an equivalent effort for tracking seniors’ immunization rates when compared to infants and children.

What makes this project different

Digital reminder systems have been shown to improve immunization rates and we will implement CANImmunize, a digital immunization platform, to help improve immunization rates for seniors in assisted or independent living facilities.

This platform will allow the seniors and their caregivers to have access to their immunization records on a secure website and mobile application and receive reminders for vaccination. Digital technology has the potential to assist seniors and family members in their care, increase vaccination rates and improve the quality of immunization data on seniors.  

Anticipated impacts

This new project seeks to significantly modify the CANImmunize platform to: expand the project to a new geographical region (New Brunswick assisted or independent living facilities); address a new target population (seniors in assisted or independent living vs. children in schools); and substantially expand or improve a service delivery model (incorporating seniors’ caregivers into their immunization care).

1) This project will enable family members and caregivers to know exactly which vaccines their loved one has received and when they need a second dose or booster, providing peace of mind. 2) We hope that this solution can be rolled out to track adult vaccinations in long-term care and retirement homes across New Brunswick and ultimately Canada

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