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Proof of Concept: Stroke Navigation in New Brunswick

Lead organization: Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick

Principle investigator(s): Beverly Kemp

About the project:

The issue

In New Brunswick, close to 1,500 people experience stroke each year. After having a stroke, we know that the recovery process can be difficult. Yet currently, little support exists in New Brunswick to help people navigate their recovery journey in the community.

The importance

Up to 70% of people who have a stroke return home. However, moving from the hospital to home has constantly been stated as a challenge by people who have had a stroke.

What makes this project different

Stroke Navigation is designed to help people to adjust to life back home after experiencing a stroke. Our program supports recovery goals, helps manage stroke effects, and assists people to navigate the healthcare system. We also assist with finding information and resources to meet each client’s unique recovery needs. Clients can be referred to our program by any health care provider, a community organization, or through self-referral. Clients can access the program by phone, video conferencing, or in person.

Anticipated impacts

At an individual level we hope to develop the stroke sufferers’ confidence by helping them to:

  • Manage the effects of a stroke at home, and help people to understand how to best prevent another stroke.
  • Providing a space to ask questions, gain clarity, and discuss their progress.
  • Connect clients to peer groups where social needs can be met.

At a community level:

  • Connecting individuals to other organizations which can improve participation for other community services.

At a system level:

  • Decrease the need for other health services by decreasing the number of preventable complications and/or secondary strokes. 

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