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Mobile Senior’s Wellness Network: Reaching Rural New Brunswickers

Lead organization: UNB and Horizon Health Network

Principle investigator(s): Dr. Tracey Rickards

About the project:

The issue

Social isolation, frailty, poor foot health, and vulnerability for seniors in the Fredericton and surrounding areas who are living at home and want to continue to live at home, with the proper supports accessible and available to them.

The importance

Seniors want to remain independent and at home for as long as possible. Many seniors experience a lack of social contact with others and this can lead to loneliness which has been linked to increased rates of heart disease, depression and dementia.

What makes this project different

Visiting seniors in their home, offering footcare and connecting them with available resources in their community based on their individual needs. This will allow seniors to remain at home longer (aging-in-place) by ensuring access to the appropriate supports. The project will develop a user-friendly resource of available programs for seniors to access.

Anticipated impacts

  • Individual level: Improved foot health and access to supports and services will lead to safer aging-in-place and increased quality of life for seniors. Seniors will report less isolation and vulnerability.
  • Community level: Decreased burden on immediate family members to care for seniors. Improved uptake of available community resources/programs.
  • System level: Decreased costs to the healthcare system by decreasing costly hospitalizations, emergency room visits and long-term care housing.

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