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Outcomes of a Health Coaching Intervention in Older Adults Living with Chronic Conditions in NB (LiveWell / BienVivre)

Lead organization: Government of New Brunswick, Department of Health

Principle investigator(s): Joanne Leighton and Noorje Kunnen

About the project:

The issue

We want to know if the Live Well/Bien Vivre (LW/BV) health coaching program is effective in helping people manage their chronic health conditions. Do clients improve their health behaviours and use less health services after completing this program?

The importance

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and depression are the biggest threat to the health of the population and cause the most strain on health services in New Brunswick. Sixty-two percent (62%) of New Brunswickers have at least one chronic condition and 20% have 3 or more. If these conditions are managed well, people can often prevent complications and live a better quality of life.  

Surveys of clients in the LW/BV program showed that health coaching helped them meet their health goals, improved their health behaviours and connected them to community resources. We don’t know however, if these changes continue after the client finishes the program. 

What makes this project different

Over half of the program’s clients are 50+ years of age and one-third are 60 years of age and older. We are expanding the services to include virtual coaching, volunteer coaching and health coaching in First Nations communities. We will reach even more seniors in New Brunswick and create opportunities for seniors to engage within their communities.

Anticipated impacts

At an individual level, we expect that clients will maintain changes in their health behaviours, use more community resources and less health care services to manage their disease and complications.

At a community/system level, we expect there will be more collaboration with community agencies and partners in health and support services.  

With the expanded services, we expect to see improved access to LW/BV program across the province of NB.


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