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Intergenerational (IG) Action Plan

Lead organization: i2i Intergenerational Society

Principle investigator(s): Sharon MacKenzie and Jeanne Brideau

About the project:

The issue

Isolation and loneliness are problems for many seniors. Being isolated can make people feel unwanted and unhealthy. 

The importance

Better social and mental health for all age groups is important. Communities are better places to live when older people are active and involved. Younger people learn from seniors, and appreciate history more. Older people learn to accept and understand how life is now for young people. They learn about each other, and from each other. Together they can make their community more all-age-friendly.

What makes this project different

We believe that bringing older adults together with children and youth can improve health. Many seniors do not have young people in their lives. We train these people to find ways they can respectfully and meaningfully come together during COVID and after.  Our project trains active seniors and young people how to get involved with each other in fun and simple ways. We are giving workshops to interested New Brunswickers. They learn about intergenerational relationships and how to safely get people involved. We also share three written resources that give information about intergenerational activities and projects. 

Anticipated impacts

Our project helps individual seniors and young people meet and become friends. As friends they can invite others to create intergenerational activities and projects in their communities. By sharing their experiences and building friendships, they create communities that include older and younger people.

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