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Introduction to Knowledge Transfer

Author: April English

Posted on Feb 16, 2022

Category: Events , Training

Knowledge Transfer (KT) is a process that helps facilitate moving research (what we know) into action (what we do). It involves processes and strategies that ensure knowledge is understandable, accessible, and can benefit a range of audiences. This involves dissemination (sharing research evidence) and can sometimes involve implementation (application of research evidence). One important skill that can assist effective KT is plain language: a type of communication your audience can understand the first time they receive the information.

This two-part workshop was led by April English, Knowledge Transfer Officer for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Transfer Unit (MEKTU) of NB-IRDT.

 By the end of this workshop, learners were able to:

  • Practice developing a KT plan
  • Discuss different types of KT evaluation indicators
  • Define plain language, identify plain language tools, and apply plain language techniques
  • Understand components for KT implementation

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