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Author: NB-IRDT

Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Category: Health

NB-IRDT is a member of Health Data Research Network Canada (HDRN Canada), a pan-Canadian group of organizations that aims to improve health and well-being by making multi-jurisdictional data more accessible to researchers, institutions and government agencies across Canada for research.

HDRN Canada connects individuals and organizations from across the country to share expertise, identify opportunities for collaboration, and foster innovation in ways that respect public expectations and Indigenous data sovereignty.

The SPOR Canadian Data Platform (SPOR CDP) is the first initiative of HDRN Canada. In 2018, HDRN Canada was awarded a $81.35M, seven-year grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) to develop the SPOR CDP. SPOR CDP infrastructure supports improved access to data, automation of data analysis, and ongoing engagement with the public, patients, and Indigenous communities.

In 2020, HDRN Canada launched the Data Access Support Hub (DASH), a one-stop data access service portal where researchers can request access to data from multiple provincial, territorial and pan-Canadian sources, and track the progress of their application. For more information visit or connect with them via email



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