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Applying for access to data

NB-IRDT guides you through the process of accessing our holdings. We provide a central location for researchers to access provincial administrative health data sets to facilitate research. 

To help you complete your request we have organized the request process into steps.

Data Access Application

You can use this page as a reference during the application process.

You can also skip to the forms if you are familiar with the application process.


  1. Establish your research question. Upon doing so, consult the data sets to determine if our data might inform your research.
  2. Please review the NB-IRDT access approval diagram for a step-by-step illustration of the process for gaining access to NB-IRDT resources. The forms required to access NB-IRDT data can be found on the NB-IRDT forms section.
  3. Once your research question is established and you know what data set(s) you would like to access, submit a project feasibility and data access quote request form. Once this form is submitted, we will evaluate the feasibility of your research question and provide feedback. At this point, we may give an invitation to make a full application or request further information. We will respond with feedback within approximately 10 business days.
  4. Once your project feasibility and data access quote request form is approved, you may complete and submit the data access application form, along with the supplementary documents required for the full application.
  5. You can receive research support and advice through NB-IRDT and the Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit at all stages of the research process.

Step 1 - Feasibility


Project feasibility and data access quote request form

All researchers requesting access to our data have an opportunity to meet with the director and/or the NB-IRDT associate director research and project coordinator to discuss the proposed research and undergo an initial assessment to determine if the institute is the proper resource.

Completion of the NB-IRDT project feasibility and data access quote request form is required prior to meeting with NB-IRDT. This meeting is not required to submit your completed form.

Submit the project feasibility and data access quote request forms to We will contact you within 10 days to invite you to submit a full application if we determine that your project is feasible and fits within our mandate.

Step 2 – Full application

Download and complete the data access application form and the request for data – list of variables form.

If your project involves data not yet held at NB-IRDT, complete the request to import external data.

Once you have completed your application, email the complete set of documents to

We will contact you with dates for two meetings where you can discuss your research project with data experts, privacy officers and data custodians. These are informal meetings that can take place by phone or in person depending on your location and availability.

After these meetings, summaries of the suggestions from the team of experts will be provided for your consideration. Go to Step 3: Training

Data access application form

This form is used for new or amended applications to access data at NB-IRDT and is submitted after the project feasibility and data access quote request form has been approved by NB-IRDT.

Request for data - list of variables

This form must be completed and submitted with the data access application. This form asks you to list all the variables required for your research. This includes variables from NB-IRDT data and external data you wish to import for the purpose of your research.

Request to import external data

This form is used to request access to data that are not currently held in the NB-IRDT repository.

Checklist for data access application

This checklist lists all possible schedules and appendices for the data access application form. It must be completed and submitted with your data access application form.

Other forms

Confidentiality agreement

This agreement is signed by every staff and user prior to accessing data at NB-IRDT. This copy is being made available to you to review prior to your privacy training where you will be required to sign.

Visitor access request form

All visitors who wish to enter NB-IRDT must complete a visitor access request form and present it to the NB-IRDT administration office prior to entering the facility.3

Project review meetings

To aid in project planning contact to determine the next available review meeting and associated submission acceptance date (at least 7 days prior).

Step 3: Training

Privacy and Security & Orientation training sessions

After steps one and two are completed members of the research team accessing data in the secure facility will be contacted to complete the required Data Privacy Training and Security and Orientation sessions. These are both one-hour online sessions offered via GoToMeeting on the last Wednesday of every month.

Arrangements can be made to attend the next available session once your project is approved. At the end of the sessions, you will be asked to submit your Criminal Record Check and complete a confidentiality agreement.