What is eduroam?

EduRoam UNB is the first university in Atlantic Canada to offer eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing). eduroam allows you to easily connect to the internet while visiting other eduroam institutions around the world using your own Laptop.


Welcome to eduroam at UNB:

  1. View available wireless networks on the UNB campus and select 'eduroam'.
  2. Enter your 'loginID@yourinstitution.xx' (ex: jdoe@unb.ca, ssmith@harvard.edu, etc.) and password that you use at your own institution (not any UNB guest account you've been provided).

Support for eduroam:

Visitors wishing to connect to eduroam must acquire support from their home institution only. The host institution you are visiting is not able to provide eduroam support to visiting guests as it is based on your home institutions setup.

Restrictions for eduroam Users:

  • eduroam users should become familiar with UNB’s acceptable use policy (PDF).
  • Security restrictions placed on eduroam network users are at the discretion of the local institution(UNB). At the very minimum, eduroam provides basic network access including web browsing (HTTP/HTTPS), email, and VPN access.