Who is on the Committee?

**Indicates an ex-officio, non-voting committee member

Academic Units Dean's Council Wayne Albert, Kinesiology
Distance Learners CEL Lorna Campbell, Coordinator - Adult Learner Support
Information Technology Services ITS **Terry Nikkel, Associate VP-ITS
Information Technology Services ITS Dave Totton, Director - Client Services
Instructional Technology CETL Ken Reimer, Director - CETL
Classroom Technology CETL Dave Kell, Chair - Student Tech Fee
Learning Environment  Associate VP Academic - Learning Environment **Shirley Cleave, Associate VP-LE
Part-Time Students and Adult Learners ALPS Marc-André Pelletier, Representative
Undergraduate Students Student Union Katie Davey, President
Undergraduate Students Student at Large Student at Large (appointed by Student Union)
Student Tech Fee ITS Bill Hamilton, Project Manager