VPN Instructions for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

To use UNB's Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone, you must download the free Pulse Secure App from the Apple App Store.

1. Search for 'Pulse Secure' in the App Store then click 'Get'.

Pulse Secure app in the App Store

2. Once the app has finished downloading, click 'Open'.

Open Pulse Secure

3. On the Welcome screen, enter 'https://vpn.unb.ca' as the Corporate URL then click 'Submit'.

Pulse Secure welcome screen

4. The 'Add Connection' window will appear. Click 'Save'.

Pulse Secure add connection window

5. A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to allow Pulse Secure to add VPN configurations. Click 'Allow'.

Allow Configurations pop-up

5. In the Connection window, click 'Connect'.

Pulse Secure connection

6. On the login screen, enter your UNB login ID and password and click 'Sign In'.

VPN login screen

7. You should now be connected to UNB's VPN.

Connected to Pulse Secure