Setup Your Email/Calendar

Note: You must be on the UNB Wireless network when you setup your device for the first time.  After they have been setup, you can access your email/calendar from any network.


Step One:  If you have a previous UNB email account setup on your device please remove it before proceeding to step two.

Step Two:  Tap on 'Settings' > 'Mail, Contacts, Calendar'.

Step Three:  Tap on 'Add Account' > 'Microsoft Exchange'.

Step Four:  On the Exchange setup screen, enter the following information:

  • Email: your 'UNBloginID'
  • Domain: unbdomain
  • Username: your UNB Login ID (do NOT include
  • Password: your UNB Password
  • Description: enter a name of your choice

Step Five:  Tap 'Next'.

Step Six:  It will now auto-detect the server name.  If successful, hit next.  If it does not, you will have to enter manually ( and tap next.

Step Seven:  Verify your information and tap 'Save'.  Give the device 15 minutes to perform the initial sync.

Note:  If you review your settings after confirmation make sure you leave SSL on and S/MIME off.

To view a video on setting up your iOS device click here

Note: If you are creating a draft email on your iOS device, it will not show up in your desktop client or the Outlook Web App.  If you would like to create a draft and have it to work on at your desk, it would be best to email it to yourself from your iOS device.