Setup Your Email/Calendar - BlackBerry OS 7.0

Note: You must be on the UNB Wireless network when you setup your devices for the first time.  After they have been setup, you can access your email/calendar from any network.


In order for you to setup your UNB Email, Calendar and Address Book on your BlackBerry you will need an enterprise activation password.  Contact the ITS Help Desk to request a password. An enterprise activation password will be emailed to you and is valid for 48 hours.  If you do not activate your account within the 48 hours you will need to contact the Help Desk again to request another password.

Once you receive the enterprise activation password, follow the steps outlined below to setup your device.

Note: We strongly recommend that you backup your BlackBerry device through your BlackBerry desktop software prior to setting up your device.

Step One: On the 'Home' screen, click the 'Setup' icon.

Step Two: In the 'Setup' screen, click the 'Email Accounts' icon.

Step Three: Choose the 'Enterprise Activation' option and enter your for your email and the enterprise activation password (the one your receive by email) and select the 'Activate' button.  This will start the synchronization process.

Note: Please note that the first time your Blackberry device synchronizes it will automatically synchronize your Email, Calendar, and Address Book.  If you do not want to synchronize your Calendar or Address Book, go to the specific application (i.e. your calendar) and turn off 'Wireless Reconcile'.  You can find it under the options menu of each application.